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Dagra Graph Digitizer

Dagra helps you digitize numerical data from a printed graph
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11 July 2009

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Graphs have long been an effective way of comprehending the subject matter detailed within the papers and reports. But, when it comes to using those results for your analysis, you’d require recording the underlying numerical data manually, which becomes quite troubling at times. Well, in order to make your analysis more flexible and get graph data extracted, you can take the assistance of an expertise utility named as Dagra Graph Digitizer 1.1.10. It is an effective application that is capable of extracting and digitizing numerical data from printed graphs. Through Bezier curves, the program supports retrieve data instantly and accurately from the scanned graphical images. The application proves beneficial for relating design calculations, numerical modeling, control system development, simulations, and compare new output with previous work. The numerical data extraction process doesn’t consume much of your time, as it simply requires you to follow a three step procedure.

Using the Dagra Graph Digitizer 1.1.10 you simply have to carry out three steps for numerical data extraction from the scanned images. The steps begin with importing the graph, for which it supports different image formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF, JPEG, EMF, TIFF, PNG, and WMF. It even supports importing images from clipboard, for example the graph copied a PDF file or any other document. The second step is to trace the data, where you need locate each data point yourself. Instead, the program utilizes Bezier curves for quickly fitting a smooth and accurate line from any curve through few control points. It uses interpolation to find all the points on the curve it needs to accurately describe your data. Now, when the program has analyzed and created the details of the data, you can begin the last step to export the data. The extracted data can be exported into a tab or comma delimited text files that can be imported with many analysis packages.

Dagra Graph Digitizer 1.1.10 provides effective support in processing and extracting numerical data from scanned Graph image. Owing to its reliable and prompt functioning in order to provide you with quality results, the program has been assigned with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Dagra helps you digitize numerical data from printed graphs. Using Bezier curves, you can quickly and accurately retrieve data from scanned or graphical images. Add-ins for MathCad(R), Excel(R) and Matlab let you quickly load the digitized data into these analysis tools. Dagra lets you access a wealth of printed data for:
- Design calculations
- Numerical modelling
- Simulations
- Control system development
- Comparing new results with previous work.
Extract numerical data from a graph in 3 steps with Dagra:
1. Import the graph
Dagra can import most common image formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, EMF). You can also import images from the clipboard: copy a graph directory from a Acrobat PDF file, for example.
2. Trace the data
Tracing data is quick with Dagra, because you do not have to tediously locate every data point. Instead, Dagra uses Bezier curves that let you quickly fit a smooth, accurate line through any curve using only a few control points. Dagra uses interpolation to find all the points on the curve it needs to accurately describe your data.
3. Export the data
The traced data can be exported to comma or tab delimited text files, which can be imported into most analysis packages. Plug-ins for Microsoft Excel®, MathCad® and Mathworks Matlab® let you import data from Dagra files directly.
Dagra Graph Digitizer
Dagra Graph Digitizer
Version 1.1.10
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Does what it claims to do and is very easy to use.
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